Dentures restore functionality and confidence to patients whose natural teeth are missing or have endured severe damage.  Dentures and partial dentures are created in our partner laboratory to match seamlessly with each patient’s desired size, shape and color.  

Almost all dentures no matter how well they are made or how well they fit can be improved with the placement of 2 or more implants. In our office we are able to place implants under the dentures and snap the dentures into place to give them retention that patients may not have ever realized was possible. In this they can avoid using costly and bad tasting pastes or gels and have an even better fit. Even dentures made years before can be modified to fit underneath implants and give extra strength. Don’t be doomed to dentures of the past! There are better options and solutions that we at Angstadt Family Dental would love to help you pursue.

We often encourage patients with broken or missing teeth to bring images of themselves when they did have their teeth and their smile. In this they can help us to re-create their smile for them. It’s also never a bad idea to bring a family member or close friend in for our “try-in” appointments so that we can help you receive the best denture possible!

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