Digital Dentistry

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Digital Dentistry

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Revolutionize Your Restorative Dental Experience with Digital Dentistry

Welcome to the forefront of care in Downingtown and Wyomissing! At Angstadt Family Dental, we are committed to using the latest digital dentistry technologies to reduce the number of patient visits needed to deliver restorative treatments such as crowns and dentures.

Through the use of the industry-leading TRIOS 5 Wireless Intra-Oral Scanner and SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer, we can transform your dental visits into a seamless, comfortable, and highly efficient experience. These groundbreaking digital dentistry technologies are not just changing the way dental procedures are performed; they’re enhancing your overall dental care journey. Dive into the world of digital dentistry with us and discover how these advanced solutions provide superior care, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Intra-Oral Scanning: A Leap in Diagnostic Precision

Comfortable and Quick Scans

Angstadt Digital Dentistry Scanner

Via scanning technology, we can eliminate the need for traditional dental impressions, which can be uncomfortable and time-consuming. This scanner captures thousands of images of your teeth in minutes, compiling them into an accurate 3D model of your mouth. Denture creation which used to take 6 appointments can be completed in 2 appointments via digital scan. The process is quick, comfortable, and far more pleasant than traditional methods.

Immediate Visual Feedback

With the TRIOS 5, award winner for best scanner of 2023, you can immediately see a 3D model of your dental anatomy on the screen in full color. This not only helps in understanding your dental health and treatment options but also allows for a more engaged and informed decision-making process regarding your care. The entire mouth scan, fully equipped with cavity detection software, will detect cavities within minutes!

Streamlined Treatment Planning

The precision and clarity of the scans will enhance every step of your treatment planning. Our dentists can diagnose issues more accurately, plan treatments with greater confidence, and communicate potential outcomes more effectively. This collaborative approach ensures that you’re fully informed and comfortable with your treatment plan. If interested in our comprehensive Smile Designs approach, scans can show you immediately what your smile will look like following treatment.

3D Printing: The Future of Dental Restorations

Customized Precision at Its Best

Angstadt Digital Dentistry 3D Printer

The SprintRay Pro 55 S 3D Printer offers unmatched precision in dental restorations. Whether you need crowns, bridges, dentures, or orthodontic devices, this printer crafts them to fit your unique dental anatomy perfectly. This level of customization not only ensures optimal comfort but also superior functionality and aesthetics.

Efficient, Comfortable Care

Gone are the days of gooey impressions and waiting weeks for your dental restorations. The in-office printer technology drastically reduces production times, enabling same-day restorations in many cases. For patients in need of emergency treatment, 3D printed crowns can be produced in 90 minutes or less. This efficiency minimizes your visits and waiting time, potentially reduces days spent in discomfort (or worse!), and makes dental care more convenient than ever before.

Enhanced Treatment Outcomes

Restorations are not just quick; they’re also more durable and lifelike. Advanced materials and precise 3D printing technology result in restorations that closely mimic natural tooth structure, both in appearance and strength, leading to longer-lasting and more satisfying outcomes. The printable ceramic is also as strong as dental ceramic.

Combining Technology for Unparalleled Dental Care

A Seamless Dental Journey

Angstadt Digital Dentistry - 3d Printing Denture Solutions

Integrating the SprintRay Pro 55 S 3D Printer with the 3Shape TRIOS 5 Scanner creates a seamless workflow from diagnosis to treatment. This synergy allows for faster, more accurate, and personalized dental care, significantly enhancing the patient experience. We can cut back on time to finish by 40-50% while providing conservative ceramic restorations at a fraction of the cost.

Reduced Dental Anxiety

The quick and comfortable procedures made possible by these technologies significantly reduce the anxiety associated with dental visits. Knowing your treatment will be efficient, precise, and less invasive can ease apprehensions, making for a more relaxed and positive dental experience.

Durable, Aesthetic Results

The combination of advanced 3D printing detailed scans ensures that your restorations are not just perfectly fitted but also aesthetically pleasing. Embrace the confidence that comes with a beautiful, natural-looking smile and the assurance of high-quality, durable dental work. In a single visit, we can scan, come up with a basic treatment plan, and print a thin shell over your teeth for a Smile Design and trial.

Join us in embracing these technological advancements and enjoy a dental care experience that prioritizes your comfort, time, and satisfaction. Your dental health journey deserves nothing less than the cutting-edge care we’re proud to provide.

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