Dental Fillings

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Dental Fillings

Request an appointment from one of our two locations.

A tooth or dental filling is often used to treat a cavity or to repair a cracked or broken tooth.  Restoring the tooth with a filling helps preserve the integrity of the tooth and prevent future damage. It can help you avoid losing the tooth.

Tooth-colored “white” fillings are made of composite resin materials and are available in a number of natural-looking shades to match existing teeth. They are non-metallic and mercury-free, and many have fluoride-releasing properties that can help to reduce cavity potential and help strengthen teeth. Composite fillings can be a great solution for repairing areas of decay or small fractures in teeth, especially chipped or worn front teeth.

Signs You Need a Tooth Filling

The signs and symptoms depend on the cavity or fracture, plus the extent and the location on the tooth. Some signs you may have a cavity that requires filling include:

•  Toothache

•  Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks or foods

•  Mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold

•  Visible holes or pits in your teeth

•  Brown, black or white staining on the surface of a tooth

•  Pain when you bite down

Benefits of Dental Fillings:

•  Fillings can last upwards of 15 years

•  Blends in perfectly with the rest of the teeth

•  Preserve the integrity of the tooth and prevent future damage​

•  Improve your smile and appearance

How Much Does a Dental Filling Cost?

The cost of dental fillings can span a wide range. Prices vary depending upon a wide variety of factors since every patient’s mouth is different. The best way to know how much a filling will cost is to set up a free consultation at our locations.

Our dentists can examine your teeth and give you an estimate based on your specific needs. We have a loyalty plan and payment options to get you on the path to oral health.

Why Angstadt Family Dental for Your Dental Filling?

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide convenience and quality care in a comfortable environment. Our dentists or hygienists will work with you to ensure that your teeth and smile remain healthy for years to come. You can rest assured that you are in excellent hands with an experienced team to fix your tooth.

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