Dental Crowns/Bridges

Crowns and bridges are great because they help us to repair teeth that have extensive decay or have fractured or broken in a way that a simple “filling” cannot repair. A crown, sometimes referred to as a “cap” is for one tooth. A “bridge” is used to replace missing teeth by basically crowning the two teeth next to it and placing a “floating” tooth above the gingiva/gums that’s attached to those two crowns. In short, a bridge replaces missing teeth and is “cemented” in place. Unlike a denture, a bridge stays in 24/7 and is made to function and look like natural teeth, or even function better and have an improved appearance vs natural teeth.

Oral hygiene at home and at regular check-ups are of the utmost importance to keep teeth healthy under the crowns and bridges for long lasting restorations. There is a long list of materials for crowns and bridges, including many types of porcelain/ceramics and metals or a combination of both.

Whether you need to repair damage or replace missing teeth, dental crowns and bridges could be your answer.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges in Exton, PA

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