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  • Same-day veneers and crowns with ceramic or porcelain options

  • Teeth whitening possibilities including Kor Whitening products that are often considered to be the best on the market

  • Natural-appearing dentures

  • Advanced crown and bridge work for creating new smiles

  • ClearCorrect - American, adult orthodontic products

Exceptional cosmetic dentistry options

FREE comprehensive oral examination for all new patients


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More about Kor teeth whitening products

Kor Whitening was the first and only whitening company to insist on continual refrigeration of the whitening gels from the moment they are manufactured to the time they arrive safely cold packed at your dental office.


Kor is widely seen as the world’s most effective whitening system that does not use lights or lasers. Kor offers some great cost-effective solutions, including phenomenal home whitening for the average patient to astonishing treatment options for tetracycline cases and everything else in between. You can also visit the Kor Whitening website for additional, helpful information.

Crowns and veneers

We can help you get same-day natural veneers and crowns. Our E4D CAD/CAM technology offers painless digital intraoral scanning for cavities or teeth that could be suitable candidates for veneers.


Angstadt Family Dental is able to scan your teeth and design and create new veneers or crowns in its office using this state-of-the-art technology. To learn more about this machine, feel free to visit this website.

More information about ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect is a great and practical solution for adult orthodontics. Our team can take the necessary photos and x-rays, scan your teeth to accurately capture their shape, and submit your prescription for ClearCorrect.


We can provide a series of aligners that are personalized for your teeth and periodically check your teeth to review the progress. For more information on ClearCorrect, please visit their website.

Get the absolute best in cosmetic dentistry options

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, Angstadt Family Dental has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you get exactly what you want. Contact us today at 610-236-0700 (Wyomissing) or 610-594-1050 (Exton) to schedule your appointment, and let us know what we can do to assist you!

By far the best office to go too. I had a dental emergency 3 years ago, Dr. Angstadt came in at 1:00 in the morning and handled my anxiety ridden self flawlessly. I WAS petrified of the dentist until I met this man. Now I’m on the road to a perfect smile. His son is part of his practice now, he is just as amazing, and he just pulled one of my wisdom teeth, at no point, with any of my services at this office was I uncomfortable, nor did I experience any pain during or after. The staff is amazing as well. If you have any fears, this is the place to go, you feel like your at a movie theater lol. Loving, caring, patient, and excellent quality work. Love them!!!


- Bree

August 05, 2018


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