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Periodontal services we provide

State of the art periodontal services

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The term “periodontics” refers to the area of dentistry that pertains to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that affects the gums and jawbone.  Dr. Angstadt has completed several years of extra dental training for periodontics and is concerned with maintaining the function, health and aesthetics of the jawbone and tissues.


When preventative measures can no longer be taken to avoid periodontal issues, we use Laser Technology to provide the most minimally invasive periodontal procedures possible.  Because of the efficiency and incredible control a laser provides, we can remove your gum tissue from rot and decay with ease.  Laser technology allows for much less downtime, as it only attacks the dead or diseased tissue and leaves all healthy tissue intact.  Procedures usually have minimal discomfort and only require an anti-inflammatory afterward.  

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This past weekend I was having extreme pain from an abscess tooth. I never had a continuous dentist before and never one that was an emergency dentist, so i took a chance on Dr. Angstadt and called him Sunday morning. He was in the middle of helping his son and himself move, but said he could see me that same day. Within three hours he called me back and had me in the office and pulled my tooth. He was super personal, made me feel comfortable and knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn’t like any dentist I’ve ever been to! That same day my pain and swelling went down lots and I got to go home with a hot wheels car (I’m 24). I’m glad I took the chance on him because I found my new primary dentist! Can’t wait to go back for a check up and to meet the rest of the staff! Thanks again Dr. Angstadt


- Nikita

October 05, 2018


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